Invasion of the Crab Monsters

Production Information

Invasion of the Crab Monsters is performed live on stage.  The experience is similar to watching the production of an old-time radio show with the voice actors on stage reading the various parts along with live sound effects, while the action is dramatized by a cast of puppets.

There are five different character parts, and room for two or three puppeteers, who may also do the sound effects.  The audience may also be involved in providing some sound effects.

  • The performance can be done on an area about 8 feet deep by 16 feet wide.
  • There is some lighting and sound included, so connection to an AC outlet is required; one 15amp circuit  should be enough.
  • Because of the lighting effects, including shadow screen, a performance space that can be mostly darkened is preferred, and a higher ceiling greater than 8 to 10 feet would be nice.  The voice actors need some light to read by, which may be part of the show lighting plan.
  • Set up time is about an hour off-stage.
  • The puppet stage can be rolled on-stage and microphone stands placed in just a few minutes. The lighting and speakers can be mounted on the rolling stage, or set up prior to the performance.
  • The puppet stage is: 6′ high by 4′ wide by 2′ deep.  The puppet playing height is above 4 feet. (A similar set up was used for the Mad Hatter Tea Party show; see below.) For an audience larger than about 30, a low stage or platform, or seating on risers may be needed for the best sightlines.

    Mad Hatter Tea Party – live stage reading with puppets