How-to Mini-Crankie – Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips & tricks on how to make your Mini-Crankie performances even more spectacular.  If you think of some new ideas, let us know so we can share.

shadow puppet and paper frame

Cut out a frame the size of the Mini-Crankie window (2″ x 2 3/4″) to help you visualize your story.  Create shadow puppets and hot glue them to sticks. (shish-kebob skewers work)

LED flashlight in paper tube; colors from lighting supply color gel swatch book

Light up your screen using a small LED flashlight in a paper tube. Cut a tab and fold under, to tilt the light up.  Use colors from a lighting supply  color gel sample swatch book. (usually free if you pick it up at the store; online prices around $10 with shipping; also check with your local theater)

Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting

tape the end to prevent tears

Put a piece of tape over the ends of your paper rolls.  This will protect the paper when you remove it from the crankie rollers.

add a cut-out picture of a toy theater proscenium

Add a fancy design to the front of the Mini-Crankie. Can be classical, formal, or simply colorful.  This can be a cut-out picture or a 3D construction.

“12 Days of Christmas” – painted front, stamped images
Using rubber stamps cut from foam rubber